What are the requirements for the creators program?

If you are a popular content creator on YouTube or Twitch you may be eligible to apply for the creator's program on CatCraft.
The creator's package on CatCraft offers many unique perks, including a personal rank tag, exclusive in-game pet and priority access to the server. Popular content creators may also receive early insight into future events on CatCraft.

Requirements for YouTubers
Content creators primarily on YouTube, must meet the following prerequisites:

  1. 1000 Subscribers or more for channels heavily focussed on Minecraft
  2. 5000 Subscribers or more for channels with infrequent Minecraft content but gaming related.
  3. A generous number of views per video ranging from 800-1000+ views per video within a few days of uploading.
  4. The channel must be active (uploading frequently).

Requirements for Twitch Streamers
Content creators primarily on Twitch, must meet the following prerequisites:

  1. 1000 Followers or more. The followers must be non-paid and legitimately gained.
  2. 20 concurrent viewers or more.
  3. The channel must be active (streaming frequently and preferably on a scheduled timetable).
  4. Streams are focused on gaming, and ideally Minecraft related content.

For streamers, please remember to include your average concurrent viewership and the times when you stream (including timezone) in your application. We may verify your results against third-party websites.

Please keep in mind these requirements are guidelines and do not guarantee a content creator role on CatCraft. All applications are considered on a case by case basis.
Apply for the content creators program by clicking here

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